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Art Examination service

Portable Instrumentation

We are based in Italy but we provide international on-site art examination service traveling with our portable instruments. Our clients are museums, art researchers, private collectors, art galleries and art authentication companies. We also provide advanced lab analysis taking tiny paint samples.

We will provide at your location these portable examination methods:

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  • Technical Photography (TP)
    • Visible photography (VIS)
    • Polarized light photography (PL)
    • Raking light photography (RAK)
    • Ultraviolet Fluorescence photography (UVF)
    • Reflected Ultraviolet photography (UVR)
    • Infrared photography (IR)
    • Infrared False Color photography (IRFC)
    • Infrared Fluorescence photography (IRF)
    • Transmitted Infrared photography (IRT)
  • Infrared Reflectography (IRR)
  • Reflectance Spectroscopy (RS)
  • Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI)
  • Multispectral Imaging (MSI)

We also take tiny samples and we run lab analysis:

Checklist for on-site Art Examination

Please, read this checklist in order to be prepared for our visit.

  • Examination Room. We need a room at least 4×6 m and pitch dark. Electrical power outlet in the room for up to 2000 W.
  • Timeframe. Consider 1 hour to set up the equipment and 3-5 hours for examination and documentation of each painting.
  • Prepare your object for examination. Remove frame.


Any material (images and data) produced during the investigation is delivered immediately at the end. Please, for each object (painting, drawing, etc) provide at least 10GB of free space on storage devices such as USB sticks and USB external drives. We deliver the final report within 2 weeks.

What kind of objects do we analyze?


Our clients and projects

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