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The Sicilian Carts Museum (Museo del Carretto Siciliano)

Aci Sant’Antonio has just seen the open­ing in 2014 of its museum of  Sicil­ian carts. CHSOS wants to con­tribute to the devel­op­ment of the cul­tural pro­gram of this museum, pro­vid­ing the first tech­ni­cal exam­i­na­tion and doc­u­men­ta­tion of this art. The Sicil­ian cart is an ornate, col­or­ful style of horse or donkey-drawn cart native to the island of Sicily. Aci Sant’Antonio played a piv­otal role in the devel­op­ment of this fash­ion since it was the loca­tion of the painters spe­cial­ized in the dec­o­ra­tion of the carts.

Monday  to Friday 9-12 AM/ 4-7 PM

via Vittorio Emanuele, 120

Aci Sant’Antonio (CT)

Phone: +39 095 401 3333

CHSOS for the Sicilian Carts Museum:

August 2013 UCSD pro­vides X-ray Flu­o­res­cence spec­troscopy of a cart board piece  

Nov 2014  A. Cosentino, S. Stout  “Pho­to­shop and Mul­ti­spec­tral Imag­ing for Art Doc­u­men­ta­tion” e-Preservation Sci­ence, 11, 91–98, 2014. This paper illus­trates the exam­i­na­tion of a cart board piece.

Nov 2014  D. Vanoni, S. Stout, A. Cosentino, F. Kuester, “Arti­fact Con­ser­va­tion: Rep­re­sen­ta­tion and Analy­sis of Spec­tro­scopic and Mul­ti­spec­tral Imag­ing Data Using Aug­mented Real­ity” ICOMOS 18th Gen­eral Assem­bly, Emerg­ing tools for Con­ser­va­tion Prac­tice, Nov 9–14 2014, Flo­rence, Italy. ICOMOS 2014 Poster.pdf (47 downloads)

Dec 2014 Presenting the Sicilian Carts Museum in Athens at the eCult Winter Stage (December 2014)

March 2015 Free eBook “Success Stories: eCultValue” The museum is featured on page 65 !!!