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We promote innovative methods and technologies and it is committed to improve the workflow of conservators and conservation scientists. We provide custom-made tools designed out of our research and experience. We develop affordable equipment thanks to 3D printing and open source electronics such as Arduino.
Check out our tools for art examination.

Pigments checker

A col­lec­tion of swatches of his­tor­i­cal pig­ments. This educational tool was developed for researchers and art professionals to evaluate and practice  their spectroscopy and imaging equipment for pigments identification. More info.

Pigments Checker CHSOS

Multispectral Imaging (MSI) System

A low-cost Multispectral Imaging (MSI) system to spread the use of this methodology across Art Conservation professionals and institutions. MSI is not invasive and it is successfully used to map and identify pigments, to localize retouches and to enhance the reading of faded documents. More info.

Panoramic Infrared Reflectography Adapter

A circuit board for Panoramic Infrared Reflec­tog­ra­phy. It allows the use of an infrared reflectography camera with a panoramic head. More info.

Technical Photography Filters set

A set of 4 scientific filters to realize a Technical Photography (TP) documentation – a collection of broadband spectral images realized with a modified digital camera (covering the 360-1100 nm spectral range). More info.



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