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FAQ about Training Programs

Q. “Should we also consider other costs such as materials?”
A.  No, our quote will cover everything.

Q. “Should we ask participants to bring additional equipment with them?”
A. No, we provide the training with our own traveling equipment.

Q. “The scheduled dates for the Training programs do not work for me. Can I request a Training on different dates? How much will the fee be?”
A. Yes, you can contact us and activate a Training on dates fitting your specific dates by paying the full 3-days Training fee (2400 euro).

Q. “We appreciate your work and our Institution would like to invite you over to learn your methods. We’ll pay travel and lodging. Are you interested?
A. We are sorry, but we cannot accept your offer. CHSOS is a non-governmental initiative and it is sustained only by the community of art professionals and institutions that request our services: Technical examination of art, Training programs and our Tools. Indeed, we receive a number of invitations from Universities and Institutions from many Countries which we would really like to visit, but we cannot provide our services without charging our fee.