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CHSOS Training 

Our Training programs teach practical methods for Art Examination and Documentation. Our modules illustrate imaging and spectroscopy methods regularly used by cultural heritage scientists and conservators for the scientific and forensic investigation of art objects. all the modules have hands-on activities and students practice with CHSOS equipment.

Modules currently available

Tech­ni­cal Pho­tog­ra­phy (TP)

We will see how specific ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum are used to detect features such as underdrawing (infrared), retouchings (false color infrared) and varnishes (ultraviolet).



Panoramic Infrared Reflec­tog­ra­phy

Learn more, visit Training modules.
Participants will practice with our instruments, no specific educational background is necessary.

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Training in our studio in Italy

Participate to our Training programs organized in the CHSOS Studio in Italy. We are 30 min­utes from Cata­nia Air­port (CTA) with direct flight to European main cities (See flights connections map below). Participants can be involved in our Art field projects and enjoy Sicily cultural and naturalistic attractions.

Scheduled Training in our studio in Italy


Otherwise, you can request a  Training program for you on your preferred dates in our studio in Italy. Contact us for a quote.

Direct Flights to Catania Airport

Summer School in Italy

Special affordable Event ONLY for students under 35 years old.  Summer Students Training – Aug 1-4 2017

International Training abroad

Each year we plan to visit a new Country and organize there a training program to serve the professionals in the area.


Are you interested in taking our training and also purchasing our equipment? Ask for our Train&Go program. We install and test the equipment in your place and train you how to use it, so you are ready to go. Ask for our special discounted fee for Train&Go programs. See who took the Train&Go program. CLICK HERE.

Online learning

You can have one or more modules delivered online. Visit our Training modules  page to choose the ones you are interest in.

Request a Training program in your Country

Training programs are also delivered abroad for professionals and institutions which request it. Contact us now for info and to have a proposal and a quote.

Our audience

Our  former participants are art professionals: conservators, conservation scientists, art appraisers and fine art photographers.

Former Participants 


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