Now you can have your Private Training at CHSOS Studio, Italy

We offer Private Training programs at CHSOS Studio in Italy to match your agenda and specific interests (click to see the list of former students). Contact us for info.

The last Private Training was just provided to Shahab Sattar, a South Asia manuscripts expert, and collector. He was in London for his business and wanted to take our 3-days intensive training. Just one direct flight to Catania, our airport.

During the Private Training, the student practices the equipment and become able to produce and interpret all the set of output data.

The first-day we practice with our Technical Photography kit to become able to realize this set of Technical Photography images, as we just did together on this Modigliani’s copy.

On the second day we explore Infrared Reflectography, RTI and Reflectance spectroscopy using Gorgias, our Reflectance Spectrometer for Art examination. We can collect spectra of the same Modigliani’s copy and compare them with the Pigments Checker spectra database.


Eventually, the Third day is about Multispectral Imaging, using Antonello, our system for technical MSI and for a final review and consolidation of the methods.



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