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Pigments Checker


The most important blue pigment in European painting throughout the middle ages and Renaissance, until the discovery of modern synthetic blue pigments.

Manufacturer / product code:  Kremer / 10200
Chemical description: natural mineral, basic copper (II)-carbonate. Kremer PDF
Color: blue
Color Index: PB30
More info: Pigments Through The Ages  Colourlex

Raman spectroscopy

DOWNLOAD Free Raman Database

DOWNLOAD paper:   “Pigments Checker version 3.0, a handy set for conservation scientists: A free online Raman spectra database”

Azurite 10200 Raman Spectroscopy Pigments Checker

XRF spectroscopy

DOWNLOAD Free Online Database

DOWNLOAD paper: R. Larsen, N. Coluzzi, A. Cosentino “Free XRF Spectroscopy database of Pigments Checker” Intl Journal of Conservation Science.

 Reflectance spectroscopy

DOWNLOAD Free Reflectance Database

DOWNLOAD paper:  “FORS spec­tral data­base of his­tor­i­cal pig­ments in dif­fer­ent binders”


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