prussian blue

The first of the modern pigments available to artists by 1724 and since then extremely popular.

Manufacturer / product code:  Kremer / 45202 
Chemical description: iron-hexacyanoferrate. Kremer PDF
Color: blue
Color Index: PB27
More info: Pigments Through The Ages  Colourlex

Raman Spectroscopy 532 nm – ElviRa Spectrometer for Art

Raman Spectroscopy 532 nm (ElviRa spectrometer) Pigments-Checker Database

Raman spectroscopy 785 nm

Pigments (powder, no binder)

Raman Spectroscopy 785 nm Pigments (pure, no binder)

Pigments with acrylic binder (Pigments Checker)

Raman Spectroscopy 785 nm Pigments-Checker Database

Pure pigments (no binder, just powder)

DOWNLOAD Free Raman Database

DOWNLOAD paper:   “Pigments Checker version 3.0, a handy set for conservation scientists: A free online Raman spectra database”

Prussian blue 45202 Raman Spectroscopy Pigments Checker


XRF spectroscopy

XRF Spectroscopy Pigments-Checker Database

DOWNLOAD previous database from Pigments Checker V.3      DOWNLOAD paper: R. Larsen, N. Coluzzi, A. Cosentino “Free XRF Spectroscopy database of Pigments Checker” Intl Journal of Conservation Science.

Reflectance Spectroscopy (200-1000 nm) – GorgiasUV Spectrometer

Reflectance Spectroscopy (200-1000 nm) (GorgiasUV) Pigments-Checker Database

Reflectance spectroscopy Gorgias Spectrometer for Art

Reflectance Spectroscopy (350-950 nm) (Gorgias) Pigments-Checker Database

Prussian blue

NIR Reflectance spectroscopy

NIR-Reflectance Spectroscopy (930-1690 nm) Pigments-Checker Database

FT-IR Spectroscopy (Non-invasive Diffuse Reflectance Probe)

FTIR Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy Pigments-Checker Database

FTIR non-invasive Spectroscopy Pigments (pure, no binder) Database

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