Cultural Heritage Science Open Source, CHSOS

CHSOS develops, provides and disseminates innovative and affordable methods for the examination and documentation of art and archaeology objects.
CHSOS serves an international community of private collectors, art professionals and cultural institutions.
CHSOS is a non-governmental initiative and it is sustained solely by a transnational community which requires our products and services:

  • Scientific examination of works of art for collectors, conservators and appraisers.
  • Training programs on scientific examination of works of art for art collectors, conservators, art historians and appraisers.
  • Tools for  photographers, conservators and conservation scientists interested in technical examination of works of art.
  • Art-Examination-service
  • artists-technique
  • infrared-photography
  • infrared-reflectography
  • microscopy
  • multispectral-imaging
  • pigments-checker
  • reflectance-spectroscopy
  • RTI
  • trainings
  • ultraviolet-fluorescence
  • X-radiography

Download our brochure “CHSOS in a nutshell (June 2015)”
CHSOS in a nutshell (261 downloads)

CHSOS is directed by Dr. Antonino Cosentino, PhD Physics scientist with passion for art and archaeology

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