Crowdfunding for Art Conservation in Sicily

CHSOS gave a talk at “Save the Soul of Savoca” August 6th 7 PM, Church of San Michele in Savoca (Sicily).

CHSOS has collaborated with a local organization that has promoted the study of the church and its conservation through a crowdfunding campaign.

“Save the Soul of Savoca – Salviamo i dipinti della chiesa di San Michele” […]

Pigments Checker – new interactive table

We just added a new interactive table to easily retrieve technical info on each of the 54 historical pigments on our Pigments Checker.
It is now immediate to read the info provided by the manufacturer and also check the 2 main web resources on artistic pigments, Pigments Through the Ages and the new Colourlex.
Visit the Pigments Checker table
Pigments […]

Our Collaborator in Italy: Terrarossa Studio

Terrarossa Studio is a group of Conservation Scientists operating in Southern Italy in different fields of cultural heritage materials analysis. We joined our expertise and skills in order to provide a more advanced service. Contact:

We first got in contact when Terrarossa launched its initiative and they requested out Training program on Technical Photography for […]

DOWNLOAD: Practical notes on ultraviolet technical photography for art examination

Just published “Practical notes on ultraviolet technical photography for art examination” Conservar Património 21, 53-62, 2015.


This paper discusses two technical photographic methods based on the use of ultraviolet sources for art examination: Ultraviolet fluorescence (UVF) and Ultraviolet Reflected (UVR). While the first imaging can be realized with any digital camera, UVR images are […]

DOWNLOAD: Multispectral imaging system using 12 interference filters for mapping pigments

Just published “Multispectral imaging system using 12 interference filters for mapping pigments” Conservar Património 21, 25-38, 2015.


Multispectral imaging systems are used in art examination in order to map pigments and binders as well as retouches. This work presents a simple system composed of a monochromatic CCD camera and a set of only 12 interference […]

Our Collaborator in Japan: Misaki Suzuki

Misaki Suzuki has an education in Journalism pursued in San Diego, California and a keen interest in Italian Culture. She is our collaborator in Japan to disseminate CHSOS mission and to promote our educational programs in Italy about innovative and sustainable technical examination of art and archaeology for Japanese Schools.

In July Misaki visited CHSOS studio […]

On site Art Examination: The Netherlands

CHSOS provides art examination and documentation worldwide and on-site with lightweight equipment. CHSOS is based close to Catania airport serving plenty of Italian domestic destination as well as direct flight to a number of European main cities such as Barcelona, Berlin, Bucharest, Budapest, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, London, Malta, Munich, Nuremberg, Paris, Prague, Tel Aviv, Zurich.
CHSOS serves […]

DOWNLOAD: Panoramic, Macro and Micro Multispectral Imaging

Just published “Panoramic, Macro and Micro Multispectral Imaging An Affordable System for Mapping Pigments on Artworks” Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies, 13(1): 6, 1–17, 2015.


Our other papers on multispectral imaging:

Multispectral imaging systems are used in art examinations to map and identify pigments, binders and areas of retouching. A monochromatic camera is combined with an […]

Save the Soul of Savoca. CHSOS Invited Speaker.

CHSOS is invited speaker at “Save the Soul of Savoca” August 6th 7PM, Church of San Michele in Savoca (Sicily).

CHSOS has collaborated with a local organization that has promoted the study of the church and its conservation through a crowdfunding campaign.
The cultural heritage of countries such as Italy is enormous and often artistic and archaeological […]

Infrared Reflectography Camera NOW extended to 2350 nm

We just tested the Xenics Xeva-2.35-320 TE4, a 320 x 256 pixels T2SL (Type II Super Lattice) camera. It is sensitive from 1000 to 2350 nm and it is a promising tool for art examination. We evaluated its performance on our pigments checker and we will soon publish the results.

In order to evaluate in detail the capacity of […]

XUME Magnetic Filter Adapters for Technical Photography

We just upgraded our Technical Photography equipment with Xume Magnetic Filter Adapters.  They allow to quickly snap-on filters without any need to screw them. This saves threads on lenses and filters.  Xume adapters make Technical Photography workflow much faster.

XUME Adapters utilize NdFeB rare earth magnets. I didn’t see any risk of harm to my camera, other electronics […]

Imaging Multispettrale low-cost con filtri interferenziali – Archeomatica

Just published a new paper on low-cost multispectral imaging (for Italian readers).

A. Cosentino “Imaging Multispettrale low-cost con filtri interferenziali” Archeomatica, 2, 12-17, 2015.
Download it

Multispectral imaging systems are used in art examination in order to map and identify pigments and binders as well as retouches. A monochromatic camera (CCD or InGaAs) is combined with an appropriate wavelength […]

Participate! August 28-30 Training course

We are ready for the upcoming August 28-30 3-days training course.

Contact me NOW for info about joining August training program.
For the first time CHSOS is ready to deliver a full hands-on training on Multispectral Imaging with our new system developed thanks to a crowdfunding campaign ended in May! We just got over funded and we collected 203% of […]

What people do with CHSOS Pigments Checker?

We  have been shipping our Pigments Checker to conservators and researchers and we are glad now to receive photos showing how they use it for their studies.
See all our tools we make for art examination on our TOOLS Page

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo. Technical Art Examination

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1617–1682) could be considered the most important Spanish painter in the 17th century.  He depicted women and children of his time and major religious works mostly between 1670 to 1682. He was extremely popular and he influenced artists such as Thomas Gainsborough which was his admirer.

Ground layers and imprimitura
An extensive technical examination […]

A lost Annunciation discovered in Sicily

Just published a brief report on the discovery of a XVIII century Annunciation hidden under a same subject XIX century painting.

During the conservation of the later painting the numerous paint losses indicated to the skilled conservators that another painting was well preserved behind it and it was worth to separate them (strappo). An high quality […]

Studying Wall Paintings. Savoca (Sicily)

CHSOS has a new field project, the church of San Michele in Savoca (Sicily).

CHSOS is collaborating with the local administration  in order to help promoting the study of the church and its conservation.

Views: Church of San Michele by Antonino Cosentino

on Sketchfab

Multispectral Imaging of Pigments with a digital camera and 12 interferential filters

Download are new paper “Multispectral Imaging of Pigments with a digital camera and 12 interferential filters”


This paper illustrates the method that we’ll use for the “Multispectral Imaging for Art and Archaeology” crowdfunded project.

Abstract: This paper discusses a low-cost multispectral imaging system for the identification of pigments in artworks. It is composed of a full […]

New bigger Studio!

CHSOS just got a larger studio!
We are now operating from a 50-square-meters open space!
This is an important move from our previous studio. It was cozy and sweet but we really needed a larger place! Our equipment is growing and we need space!


Each year CHSOS adds a new mobile instrument for art examination!

Summer School at CHSOS Studio

We are launching the first call for interested institutes to develop educational programs for their students in collaboration with the CHSOS Studio! After 3 years of experience in delivering training programs for Institutions and private professionals, it is time to reach out to Colleges and Universities who want to offer their students the opportunity to […]

CHSOS in a nutshell

A brief intro to what we do at CHSOS: mission, art examination, research, training and tools.
Download our brochure “CHSOS in a nutshell (June 2015)”




Be our Intl collaborator!

We are looking for international collaborators!
Disseminate the CHSOS mission in your region!
Contact us now!


You are a fine art conservator.

You have been following CHSOS for a while once you found us on the internet. You are fascinated by our mission to disseminate innovative and sustainable methods for art examination and documentation and you want to be […]

Participate! June 22-24 Training course

We are ready for the upcoming June 22-24 training course. We scheduled 3 days. The June course was activated by Siobhan Conyngham.
There is room for 2 other participants.  Contact me NOW for info about joining the June training program.
Siobhan is a well-established Fine art conservator-restorer at her own studio (Siobhan Conyngham Fine Art Conservation) in Monaghan, Ireland. She studied at University […]

203% Funded by 43 awesome friends from 16 Countries

Our crowdfunding campaign is done! We just got over funded and we collected 203% of the goal funding in 2 months! We got 43 contributions from 16 Countries.

“Multispectral Imaging for Art and Archaeology” is the first crowd funding project related to Art Conservation Science. For the first time, research funding is coming directly from the final users […]

A new Stereomicroscope for Art Examination

We just got a new stereo microscope for art examination!  We upgraded to a trinocular microscope with zoom lens 1x-4x and Barlow lens to achieve 140x magnification! It has built-in direct and transmitted light and its high magnification allows even for documentation of cross-section. We are going to couple it with the technical photography (TP) and […]

“Christian Epigraphy in Syracuse” workshop, May 15th 2015

CHSOS is invited speaker at “Christian Epigraphy in Syracuse” workshop, May 15th 2015.
Since 2013 CHSOS has pursued diagnostics and documentation in Syracuse catacombs thanks to a research collaboration with Pontificia Commissione di Archeologia Sacra. Mural paintings and graffiti have been examined with innovative analytical and imaging technologies. CHSOS will present these studies.

S. Stout, A. Cosentino, […]

Free Paper: Multispectral Imaging and the Art Expert

Just published  “Multispectral Imaging and the Art Expert” Spectroscopy Europe, 27, 2, 2015.
Free Download:  our latest paper on multispectral imaging for art and archaeology.



This work has been possible thanks to PixelTeq which kindly provided the SpectroCam VIS and the filters set.

CHSOS is researching into multispectral imaging and has launched the first crowdfunding in art conservation science.

Participate […]

Free eBook “Success Stories: eCultValue”

Our Sicilian Carts Museum features in the eCult interactive book (pp 65-66) “Success Stories: eCultValue”.
Read it !!!

CHSOS was at the eCult Winter Stage, Athens, Greece, December 8-9 2014. To advance cultural experience through the use of ICT, was the topic of the Winter Stage, organised by the eCultValue project together with the Acropolis Museum.  “There was a huge interest […]

International Meeting on Retouching of Cultural Heritage, RECH3

CHSOS is in the Scientific Committee of RECH3, the International Meeting on Retouching of Cultural Heritage.
RECH3 is one of the largest educational and scientific events on Retouching field, an ideal venue for conservators and scientists to present research results about retouching.

CHSOS has been active regarding imaging methodologies and so welcomed the opportunity to contribute to this event.

The […]

A guide to Museums to Develop a Technology Strategy

CHSOS is an eCult ambassador and contributed to the eCult Vademecum “A guide to Museums to Develop a Technology Strategy”.

CHSOS is invited speaker at “Christian Epigraphy in Syracuse” workshop, May 15th 2015.
Since 2013 CHSOS has pursued diagnostics and documentation in Syracuse catacombs thanks to a research collaboration with Pontificia Commissione di Archeologia Sacra. Mural paintings […]

Conference: The discovered wall paintings in Sicily

The Conference “Discovered wall paintings in the Crucifix Chapel” was held in Aci Sant’Antonio April 26th.

The Crucifix Chapel.

A cycle of 18th century mural paintings was revealed in 2012 during maintenance works in the Crucifix Chapel of the Mother Church in Aci Sant’Antonio. The paintings have survived along the corners of the originally square chapel that […]

136% from 38 people

Our crowdfunding project keeps to grow! Collected 136% funding in 1 month!
38 people have contributed!
“Multispectral Imaging for Art and Archaeology” is the first crowd funding project related to Art Conservation Science. For the first time, research funding is coming directly from the final users of this new tool for scientific examination of works of art.

Multispectral imaging […]

Over funded! 114%

Our crowdfunding project just got over funded! We collected 114% funding in 3 weeks!

“Multispectral Imaging for Art and Archaeology” is the first crowd funding project related to Art Conservation Science. For the first time, research funding is coming directly from the final users of this new tool for scientific examination of works of art.

Multispectral imaging is […]

91% funding in 2 weeks!

“Multispectral Imaging for Art and Archaeology” is the first crowd funding project related to Art Conservation Science. We got already 91% of the necessary fund in just 2 weeks!

For the first time, research funding is coming directly from the final users of this new tool for scientific examination of works of art.

Multispectral imaging is not […]

53% funding in one week!

“Multispectral Imaging for Art and Archaeology” is the first crowd funding project related to Art Conservation Science. We got already 53% of the necessary fund! The funding campaign will last 2 month and we are really optimistic to raise the $5000 necessary to make the system.

For the first time, research funding will come directly from the […]

Crowdfunding! Low-cost Multispectral Imaging for Conservators

CHSOS launches today its crowdfunding  campaign to realize an open source and low-cost multispectral system that anybody will be able to replicate. Conservators are invited to participate and be part of this effort.

CLICK here to support Multispectral Imaging for Art and Archaeology

We want to develop a simple, affordable but effective multispectral system which will be […]

Miniaturized Spectrometers for Art Examination

Read this great article on Photonics Spectra!
Spectroscopy: Going Small to Get the Whole Picture
Now miniaturized spectrometers are also used in Art Conservation.
CHSOS illustrates in this paper  the possibilities that miniaturization will bring in the near future of on-site art examination.
CHSOS has been disseminating the use of innovative, affordable and sustainable technologies for art examination and documentation and […]

How to document Historical Graffiti in Catacombs

This new paper discusses  RTI (Reflectance Transformation Imaging) for documenting historical graffiti in Catacombs. Historical graffiti  provide unique information on the uses of the catacombs over the centuries. Some of the graffiti of the catacombs of San Giovanni are contemporary with the epoch of the paintings that bear them (late antiquity), while others have been incised by […]

Training for a Conservation Studio in Vicenza, Italy

CHSOS just delivered a training program on Technical Photography (TP) and Infrared Reflectography (IRR) to the Arlango Art Conservation team (Vicenza, Italy).
This training was part of the Action Research “Optical Techniques for advanced on site Diagnostics of works of art”, partially funded by Veneto region within the European Social Fund. This initiative between the University of Verona and Arlango Conservation Studio […]

How to use Technical Photography for mural paintings

Download our just published study on the application of technical photography for the examination and documentation of wall paintings.
Technical Photography for mural paintings: the newly discovered frescoes in Aci Sant’Antonio (Sicily, Italy).
CHSOS used technical photography for the examination and documentation of wall paintings in Sicily. Visible, ultraviolet and infrared photography coupled with panoramic and mosaic stitching […]

See you at COLOURS 2015


CHSOS is invited speaker and scientific advisor at COLOURS 2015.
CHSOS will talk about “Innovation and Sustainability in Technical Art Examination and Color Documentation”

This conference will celebrate the UNESCO declared International Year of Light and light- based Technologies. The topic would be Color in its wide perspectives in art: how scientific disciplines […]

Training a Conservator and an Art historian

February 2015 Training program was just delivered to a young conservator from Italy, Flavia Gazineo and Luz Rodriguez from London. Flavia studied as a conservation scientist and after achieving her master degree she has been working in Academia research for 3 years and for conservation companies in Italy and Malta, collecting 5 years experience on […]

Best lens for Technical Photography: Coastal Optical 60 mm TESTED

We just tested Coastal Optical 60 mm lens on our Nikon D800 for technical photography (visible, ultraviolet fluorescence, ultraviolet reflected, infrared) and infrared reflectography.  This is an  apochromatic lens in the range 310-110 nm.  Indeed, the lens didn’t need any refocusing while shooting technical photos in the UV, VIS and IR region. It really resulted […]

3D scanning with mini projectors

CHSOS just added 3D scanning by Structured Light using a mini (pico) projector coupled with the “3D scanning software” developed by Daniel Moreno and Gabriel Taubin. The free software can be downloaded from Brown University School of Engineering. I need to thank Daniel for his support with the software. Pico projectors are extremely small: a fraction […]

How to Identify Pigments with Reflectance Spectroscopy

CHSOS just added a miniaturized spectrometer to its instrumentation. This system is equivalent to the ones tested already by CHSOS (Ocean Optics, BWTEK) and it will be used for pigments identification following the FORS (Fiber Optics Reflectance Spectroscopy) method. CHSOS chose a ASEQ LR1 spectrometer (300-1000 nm, 2nm resolution with 100um slit)   This spectrometer weights just 430 gr and […]

Focus Stacking made simple!

CHSOS just added STACKSHOT to its instruments in order to document small artistic and historical objects. STACKSHOT is an automated macro rail for focus stacking and it’s coupled with Helicon Remote and Helicon Focus to shoot and elaborate the stacked images.

Focus stacking macro photography

Photographing small objects that are flat is pretty simple and straightforward. On the other […]

Great! Training and TECHNART in April

Great opportunity! CHSOS has scheduled its April Training program close to TECHNART  conference in Catania, Sicily. Participants while in Catania can also enjoy TECHNART, an international conference on Non-destructive and microanalytical techniques in art and cultural heritage. “The aim of TECHNART 2015 is to provide a scientific forum to present and promote the use of analytical spectroscopy […]

We need you – Sicilian Carts Museum

CHSOS is promoting collaborations between the Sicilian Carts Museum and Research institutions.  This museum is located in Aci Sant’Antonio (Sicily) where  CHSOS operates. CHSOS wants to contribute to the museum’s development and offers itself as an intermediary between this local institution and research centers which are looking for museums to test their innovative solutions. CHSOS […]

2014 Achievements

Thank you! CHSOS has enjoyed the engagement of a wide community. People just following the updates on the website or actually requiring art examination and training services. This community has motivated CHSOS to achieve important goals in 2014. CHSOS could pursue its mission to develop innovative and sustainable technologies for art examination which are being […]

Terahertz-ARTE Workshop

CHSOS was at THz-ARTE “Terahertz Advanced Research TEchniques for non-invasive analysis in art conservation” International Workshop in Rome December 2nd and 3rd, 2014. THz-ARTE explores the application of terahertz spectroscopy and imaging for the investigation of artworks and Cultural Heritage objects.  Corinna Dandolo from DTU (Tech­ni­cal Uni­ver­sity of Den­mark) Fotonik, presented “Contribution of Reflection Terahertz Time […]

Training for the Cyprus Institute

Just delivered a training program for a researcher of the prestigious Cyprus Institute -Science and Technology in Archaeology Research Center (STARC) and Imaging Center for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (ICACH). Next training program is scheduled Feb 2-5 2015 and booking is available until Dec 31st. INFO HERE. The next training will enjoy the collaboration with PixelTeq […]

Augmented Reality App for conservators

CHSOS presented with University of California San Diego an Augmented Reality app – ARtifact . This app uses the see-through camera on tablets to recognize the work of art being studied and overlay elements of diagnostic imaging and analytical data. This app allows to merge imaging data and spectral analysis in one singular platform, where […]

Best Ultraviolet Filter

CHSOS just tested  an interferential UV/IR cut filter for Ultraviolet Fluorescence Photography (UVF). This filter is the solution to the auto fluorescence of other UV filters . It is recommended for UVF close up photography. The CHSOS filter set for art examination comprises two filters for UVF photography: XNite CC1 coupled with B+W 420. The first is […]

EuroMed 2014. Pigments of Roman wall paintings in Syracuse Catacombs

CHSOS was at EuroMed 2014, Cyprus (Nov 3-8 ), a conference on digital documentation of heritage for conservation and protection. Samantha Stout, PhD student at CISA3 – University of California San Diego, presented a poster and a short talk on the field project carried out with CHSOS in the Catacombs of San Giovanni, Syracuse, Sicily. These are […]

FORS, Reflectance Spectroscopy for pigments. BWTEK mini spectrometer

Just tested the low-cost mini spectrometer from BWTEK, Quest U (BRC112P-U). This is the most affordable of BWTEK series of  mini spectrometers. It features a 2048 pixels linear array and covers the 200 -850 nm range. This test was done in collaboration with MADATEC, an Ital­ian com­pany sup­ply­ing sci­en­tific imag­ing and ana­lyt­i­cal equip­ment also for art conservation […]

Photoshop for conservators. Published paper.

Just published on e-Preservation Science: A. Cosentino, S. Stout “Photoshop and Multispectral Imaging for Art Documentation” e-PS, 2014, 11, 91-98.

– Download –

I want to show my appreciation for the  e-Preservation Science journal. It is one of the few open access journals related to the conservation field. They have a REAL IMPACT on conservation practices since they […]

Training a mural painting conservator and an architectural photographer

Just finished the 5-days training program for two staff of the HERCULES laboratory – University of Evora, Portugal. Milene Gil, a conservator specialized in mural paintings and Manuel Ribeiro, a professional photographer expert in the documentation of historical and modern architecture. Their training was funded by the PRIM’ART project (Portugal Rediscovering Mural Art)  (FCT PTDC/CPC-EAT/4769/2012). The […]

Testimonials World Map

CHSOS has celebrated 2 years. The first post dated back to October 11th 2012. CHSOS mission is to promote innovative, affordable and sustainable technologies for art examination and documentation publishing 116 posts and 9 publications on open access journals. If you are a follower and you got help regarding your studies or your work from […]

Physical and Digital Preservation of Holocaust Documentation

CHSOS has been invited to the EHRI international workshop on Revising the Scope and Means of Physical and Digital Preservation of Holocaust Documentation, hold at Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, Sept 8-10, 2014. This International Workshop was organized within the Framework of the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI), supported by the European Commission.
The workshop was about digital […]

SHARE your Training program with CHSOS!

CHSOS is launching the Shared Training option.  So far, you could request and schedule a training program at your best convenience at the CHSOS studio in Sicily or you could request it in your location. Though, students and some professionals cannot afford the total fee of a full 5 day program on their own.  CHSOS […]

New Pigments FORS Spectroscopy Database

A new free online FORS spectra database of pigments is available. FORS (Fiber Optics Reflectance Spectroscopy) is a low-cost spectroscopy and it is used to identify pigments on art works. CHSOS tested an innovative miniaturized and affordable spectrometer and created the spectral database. This new paper “FORS spectral database of historical pigments in different binders” introduces […]

We made the cover story! Discovered Frescoes in Sicily

Just published on the free online magazine, Archeomatica, 2, 2014. This paper presents the discovery of these frescoes and their examination performed with technical photography, XRF, and FORS (Fiber Optics Reflectance Spectroscopy).  This paper steams from a collaboration that CHSOS has had  with University of California San Diego (XRF spectroscopy) and GHT Photonics (FORS spectroscopy) […]

eCult Ambassador

Following to CHSOS presence at the Dialogue Day in Tallin, the eCult Observatory appreciated the CHSOS effort to promote innovative, affordable and sustainable technologies for art examination and nominated CHSOS eCult ambassador. This means CHSOS will be a promoter of these innovative technologies in museums also within the eCult Observatory project.

The eCult Observatory is the on-line portal […]

Fors, Fiber Optics Reflectance Spectroscopy (for Italian readers)

Published on Archeomatica, 1 Marzo 2014  a paper, for Italian readers, introducing the miniaturized spectrometers for Fiber Optics Reflectance Spectroscopy. This paper shows the results of the testing of a FORS (Fiber Optics Reflectance Spectroscopy) system assembled with Ocean Optics components and featuring a USB4000 miniaturized and low cost spectrometer. The small dimensions and little […]

New Master Thesis on Low-cost Multispectral Imaging

Camilla Perondi took a training course on multispectral imaging  last year and just recently she got her master degree in Science for the Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Heritage. I was her co-supervisor for her thesis “2D and 3D documentation, digital preservation and valorization of cultural objects using Digital Single-Lens Reflex cameras”.  She presented as case studies the art […]

New UV lamps for Ultraviolet photography

Madatec srl  is an Italian company supplying scientific imaging and analytical equipment. We have been in touch for a while since they serve the art diagnostics and conservation sector and, such as CHSOS, it has a keen attention on exploring innovative low-cost solution. My contact at Madatec is Davide Manzini, their expert on Imaging and Spectroscopy […]

Arduino for Panoramic Infrared Reflectography

For those who take the 5 days train­ing course on multispectral imaging and technical 2D and 3D photographic methods  can be provided on request an Arduino programmed circuit board for Panoramic Infrared Reflectography. The Arduino solution was proposed in this post “Panoramic Infrared Reflectography. Arduino electronics”.  The panoramic method was introduced in the post “Panoramic Infrared […]

Belgian Association of Conservators Bulletin – Panoramic Multispectral Imaging

Just published “Panoramic Multispectral Imaging: Training and Case studies” on the Belgian Association of conservators Bulletin, 2nd Trimester, pp 7-11, 2014. David Laine, the Bulletin vice-president and painting conservator at Iparc cvba, told me that they were preparing an interesting issue on different kinds of analyses in conservation. This encouraged me to submit a paper […]

New app for Multispectral Imaging

This application case results from a collaboration with Giovanni Landi  – a Mobile AR (Augmented Reality) solution engineer. He designs and develops mobile applications based on AR and Realtime 3D and he has a keen interest on art examination and documentation. I am collaborating with Giovanni providing multispectral imaging datasets of works of art to […]

New multispectral camera from PixelTeq

CHSOS is collaborating with PixelTeq to evaluate a new filter-wheel based monochromatic camera tailored to the multispectral imaging examination of art. The mission of Cultural Heritage Science Open Source (CHSOS) is to promote, develop and evaluate low-cost technologies for art documentation and examination in order to benefit the largest community of medium and small museums […]

Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) with Arduino

Arduino comes useful in many applications and  even in art examination. I used it for Panoramic Infrared Reflectography. It just turned invaluable also for RTI (Reflectance Transformation Imaging). I had to do RTI documentation of graffiti in Syracuse catacombs and since the graffiti were over a mural painting it wasn’t easy to measure the distance between the […]

Infrared Photography with Nikon Micro 105mm

Just tested the great Nikon Nikkor Micro 105mm f2.8 D for infrared photography. The data are available at the Infrared Photography Lenses Database

Depending on the application and the task the infrared photo should be taken, low or high aperture numbers could be necessary. For the specific needs of infrared photography for art documentation it is […]

We were at LACONA 2014, United Arab Emirates

We presented a THz examination of a gilded XIV c. tempera panel at LACONA 2014. The panel  belongs to the Biblioteca comunale di Taormina (Sicily) and it is currently under restoration by Angelo Cristaudo.

LACONA  – conference of the Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks – gathers researchers in Laser-based techniques for the conservation of cultural heritage. […]

RTI experts in Cyprus

CHSOS was invited to deliver a talk on how Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI)  is applied for art documentation.RTI is a relevant part of the imaging documentation services in particular when it comes to prints and paintings examination. As part of the LinkSCEEM-2 Project, The Cyprus Institute in collaboration with the National Center for Supercomputing Applications and the University […]

Presenting CHSOS mission at eCult Dialogue Day, Tallinn, Estonia

CHSOS was invited to present its mission at the eCult Dialogue Day, Tallinn, Estonia in May 14th 2014. “The aim of the eCult Dialogue Day is to identify the technological requirements of museums and cultural heritage owners and present existing technology solutions addressing such needs.” It was the occasion to meet up with the colleagues which […]

Training / Costs and fees


CHSOS disseminates low-cost imaging methods for art documentation through the blog and the training programs. I have been asked how much that it will cost. It is pretty straitghforward. You’ll contact me and we’ll discuss length, dates and topics based on your expectations, needs and your actual background and skills. The training can take place either […]

Pigments Checker

For those who take the 5 days train­ing course it is pro­vided a free Pig­ments checker. This is a col­lec­tion of swatches of 54 his­tor­i­cal pig­ments that have been applied using gum Ara­bic as a binder on a cel­lu­lose and cot­ton water­color paper, acids and lignin free, com­mer­cial­ized by “Fab­ri­ano”, 270gr/m2. This paper is not […]

30 Kilograms of Imaging

On-site art examination as well training are CHSOS main activities. They are offered throughout the world thanks to a well-thought out plan to reduce the weight of the equipment and make it transportable into a carry-on and a checked luggage, both “Ryanair-proof.”  It has been my goal to make all the necessary equipment to fit […]

The Digital Invasion of Sicily #digitalinvasions

I participated to a couple of “Digital Invasion” events in Sicily this week. It is an outstanding and growing initiative. ‘Invasioni Digitali’ (Digital Invasions) are mobs of people who support museums and cultural heritage by ‘invading’ them and then documenting the experience on blogs and social media. The official website has a very interesting manifesto. […]

Infrared Pho­tog­ra­phy Lenses Database

Just published  the CHSOS Infrared Pho­tog­ra­phy Lenses Database. Anybody is welcomed to ship their lenses to be tested for infrared photography and be added to the database. Also everybody with a Nikon DSLR camera modified for Infrared is welcomed to contribute to this database by doing a similar test and providing the photos to be […]

Meet me in Estonia


I will be in Tallinn –  May 14th -18th  – as an invited speaker at the Rode Imaging Event and as a presenter of  the CHSOS  mission at the  eCult Dialogue Day.

The Rode Imaging Event is a large-scale project initiated by the Art Museum of Estonia and it is focused on finalizing the conservation of the retable […]

Identification of pigments by multispectral imaging: a flowchart method

A paper on Multispectral Imaging has been published on Heritage Science, “Identification of pigments by multispectral imaging a flowchart method” 2:8, 2014.

In this paper I provide a flowchart method to use the multispectral imaging to tentatively identify pigments. I have been posting extensively on this idea for a while on the “Cultural Heritage Science Open Source” […]

Training an Art Diagnostics start-up company

I just gave a training course on Multispectral Imaging and Technical photographic methods to an Art Diagnostics start-up company in Andria, Italy: Terrarossa Studio. The start-up is composed of 3 young cultural heritage scientists, Grazia Ruggiero, Floriana Salvemini and Cristina Caggiani. Floriana and Cristina just got their PhD on analytical methods for art diagnostics in Florence […]

Panoramic Infrared Reflectography. Technical Recommendations.

“Panoramic Infrared Reflectography. Technical Recommendations” has been published on the International Journal of Conservation Science, IJCS Volume 5, Issue 1, January-March 2014: 51-60. In this paper I provide more detailed information on the new technique of doing infrared reflectography with a panoramic system. I have been posting on this idea from a while on the […]

Terahertz in Sicily. Wooden Statues

I invite international researchers and training students to apply technical art examination methods to field projects in Sicily that I’m already working on with other scientists and Sicilian professionals in the cultural heritage sector. Two weeks ago  I hosted Corinna Koch Dandolo, currently PhD student at the prestigious DTU (Technical University of Denmark) Fotonik – Department of Photonics Engineering. I already […]

Terahertz Imaging in Sicily. Newly Discovered Frescoes

I do my best to have international scientists working on Sicilian Art; last week I hosted Corinna Koch Dandolo, currently PhD student at the prestigious DTU (Technical University of Denmark) Fotonik – Department of Photonics Engineering. Her research focuses on developing applications for cultural heritage examination for the advanced 3D THz (Terahertz) imaging technique. I posted here a video about the […]

Training a young conservation scientist

Silvia Amato is a young conservation scientist. She has been a follower of the “Cultural Heritage Science Open Source” blog and she decided to take the training in multispectral imaging. My goal is to deliver to the professionals I am working with a program that is shaped specifically on their educational background and their goals. This is […]

Kazimir Malevich (1878-1935). Technical Art Examination

This January 2013 I was working on a Malevich’s case and I went through some literature on the technical art examination related to this painter. This post wants to share some thoughts. Fortunately, even if based in Sicily, I have proactive collaborators that live close the most important libraries in US and help me have […]

Istanbul conservator training in Sicily

Muge Uckan took my training on multispectral imaging for art examination in November. She was trained as a painting conservator in Istanbul, the town she currently lives, and in Florence. She’s exploring possibilities to introduce the multispectral imaging  service in Turkey. As usual, I like to have the training students involved in the art examination […]

Get out of the Lab, now!

News in Conservation (NiC) just published (issue 39, Dec 2013) a brief article that I wrote to share what I’m doing here in Sicily with other professionals: architects, archaeologists, and conservators.    The article is introduced by the editor: “A year ago NiC published an article from scientist/blogger Antonino Cosentino (NiC, Issue 34, February 2013), discussing […]

2013 Review

When I started my Art Documentation & Examination service I couldn’t believe it would have brought me in such many places. Started in late 2012 my first and only customer for that year was the KODE museum in Bergen, Norway, where 50 paintings by Edvard Munch where documented.

But 2013 was unpredictable generous with opportunities. To […]

Macro Photography for Reflectance Transformation Imaging

The wonderful e-conservation Magazine is now a Journal, and I’m honored that their first number hosts a paper of mine where I discuss some macro photographic methods for RTI, Reflectance Transformation Imaging, to document sub-millimeter surface details on works of art:

A. Cosentino “Macro Photography for Reflectance Transformation Imaging: A Practical Guide to the Highlights […]

FORS, Fiber Optics Reflectance Spectroscopy for Pigments Identification

FORS (Fiber Optics Reflectance Spectroscopy) has been used for art examination and art conservation for at least 2 decades for identification of pigments and dyestuffs . The strength of this method is the relatively simplicity of the equipment: a source of light, a spectrometer and 2 fibers optics, one to deliver […]

Tatoo. Multispectral Imaging

Last Sept I was giving a 3 weeks training on multispectral imaging for art examination at the Instituto Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural in Quito, Ecuador. While we were doing UV fluorescence photography, I noticed in the pitch dark room, my student was glowing in the dark. It turned out it was his tattoo.


So, I was […]

Training in Ecuador

In September I was invited to give a 3 weeks training on Multispectral Imaging to the Instituto Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural in Quito, Ecuador. Once arrived I helped set up the space to be used as the imaging lab and I worked on putting together and testing the equipment. For the logistics, purchasing and importing of […]

Panoramic Infrared Reflectography: Xenics Bobcat 320 InGaAs Camera

Last September I was giving a 3 weeks training for the Instituto Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural (INPC) of Ecuador, in Quito. They already have a well-equipped analytical lab and needed to set up a multispectral imaging studio. I suggested them the tools to buy and once the parcels where all arrived I went to Quito […]

Aci Sant’Antonio, Sicily

Aci Sant’Antonio, Sicily, it’s my hometown. Anybody visiting me, after a little traveling around in the area, would eventually ask; Aci Sant’Antonio, Acireale, Aci Trezza, Aci Castello, Aci San Filippo…What all those Aci means? The story is told by the Roman poet Publius Ovidius Naso (43 BC – AD 18), known as Ovid.  He wrote […]

Training – Technical Imaging for Art

Camilla Perondi, student in conservation science at University of Bologna, just completed a full-immersion 3-days training on “Technical Imaging for Art” at the Cultural Heritage Science Open Source lab.


Next Training Section 2-6 Sept 2013. Contact me for info (cost, specific dates, lodging, traveling).

Camilla participated to the July 15-17th section of the training program held in Aci Sant’Antonio, […]