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CHSOS Technical Photography KIT

Technical Photography (TP) uses a full spectrum camera sensitive from the Ultraviolet to the Infrared radiation and a set of specific filters and lamps. Our new TP kit represents the best compromise among quality, adaptability, and costs. It allows to realize a complete set of 8 technical photo documentation methods: VIS (visible photography), UVF (Ultraviolet Fluorescence photography), UVR (Reflected Ultraviolet photography), IR (Infrared photography), IRF (Infrared Fluorescence photography), IRFC (Infrared False Color photography), IRT (Infrared Transmitted photography) and RAK (Raking light photography).
This kit is recommended for art professionals such as conservators, art appraisers, archaeologists, art historians.
Use it for fast and informative examination of easel paintings, wall paintings, manuscripts and historical documents.


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We propose two versions of this kit, Standard and Professional:

Standard kit. The best solution for those who needs a complete system for Technical Photography of works of art and archaeology.

Full spectrum camera Nikon D7200, 24 MP.
– Tethering Software, to run the camera through a computer.
– Technical Photography Filters Set -standard.
Filtered UV lamp.
– Infrared Fluorescence lamp.
– Our Technical Photography and MSI calibration card.
Pigments Checker.


“Train’ and go”. We can install the system in your studio and train you so you are ready to work with your new equipment. Ask us for more info and a quote.


Professional kit. An advanced version for the art professionals that need to offer high quality results with high resolution and high quality filters.

– Full spectrum camera Nikon D800, 36 MP.
– Tethering Software, to run the camera through a computer.
– Technical Photography Filters Set -Professional. Same technical specifics as the standard set but with advanced resistance coating.
Filtered UV lamp.
– Infrared Fluorescence lamp.
– Our Technical Photography and MSI calibration card.
Pigments Checker.
– Training (6 hours onsite or online)



Upgrade the CHSOS Technical Photography KIT with Antonello, the multispectral imaging system.

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