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March 2013

Amedeo Modigliani. Technical Art Examination.


There isn't that much literature on technical examination of Amedeo Modigliani’s paintings. Last year I worked on a drawing attributed to Modigliani and I could find few references. The most important study is the one accomplished in the occasion of a rare Modigliani exhibition held in Paris in 1981 [1]. It compares Multispectral images of the paintings gathered for [...]

Early Italian Masters: Italian paintings before 1400


Working for the Ingels Collection, Sweden, I had the pleasure to examine and document a Madonna and Child painting on panel, Sienese school.  The provenience of the painting is uncertain since there is no documentation about its history before the end of WWII when was purchased for the Ingels Collection in Rome. So, the main and obvious issue for [...]

February 2013

Thomas Gainsborough. Technical Art Examination.


As soon as I get an assignment for a painting documentation and examination, first thing, I look for published technical art examination material on that specific artist. Shooting multispectral images doesn't make you an expert. One thing is to shoot a medical X-ray, another is to interpret the X-radiograph! Right? It's probably pretty easy to operate [...]