November 2016

Imaging Diagnostic on a 14 th Century Gilded Icon


This new paper is a valid example of the application of non‐invasive imaging methods (technical photography and multispectral imaging) before and after the conservation treatment of a work of art. Read our latest publication Pre and post Conservation Diagnostic on a 14 th Century Gilded Icon from Taormina, Sicily This paper reports on the [...]

February 2016

Infrared Technical Photography for Art Examination


Just published Infrared Technical Photography for Art Examination. A. Cosentino “Infrared Technical Photography for Art Examination” e-Preservation Science, 13, 1-6, 2016. This paper discusses technical photographic methods based on the extended infrared sensitivity of a digital camera modified with the removal of the in-built hot mirror filter on the CCD or CMOS sensor, which in [...]

April 2013

Infrared Fluorescence Photography: Review


I noticed I often talked about Infrared Fluorescence Photography in my posts, such as the one on historical pigments, and the one on the Windsor & Newton Gouache color chart, but I didn't properly introduced the technique yet. This post want to be a brief review of the Infrared Fluorescence Photography. Infrared Fluorescence Some molecules and minerals [...]

January 2013

Infrared Fluorescence Photography: visible-only lamp


Visible LED lamps have infrared  component other than visible light. This infrared light gives a noise in the infrared fluorescence photography.  White LED lamp emits Infrared roughly between 700 and 800. See Wikipedia; white LEDs are Phosphor-based LEDs and have an emission curve with a tail in the very close IR, see here. So, for a perfect IR Fluorescence [...]