November 2016

Imaging Diagnostic on a 14 th Century Gilded Icon


This new paper is a valid example of the application of non‐invasive imaging methods (technical photography and multispectral imaging) before and after the conservation treatment of a work of art. Read our latest publication Pre and post Conservation Diagnostic on a 14 th Century Gilded Icon from Taormina, Sicily This paper reports on the [...]

February 2016

Infrared Technical Photography for Art Examination


Just published Infrared Technical Photography for Art Examination. A. Cosentino “Infrared Technical Photography for Art Examination” e-Preservation Science, 13, 1-6, 2016. This paper discusses technical photographic methods based on the extended infrared sensitivity of a digital camera modified with the removal of the in-built hot mirror filter on the CCD or CMOS sensor, which in [...]

February 2015

Best lens for Technical Photography: Coastal Optical 60 mm TESTED


We just tested Coastal Optical 60 mm lens on our Nikon D800 for technical photography (visible, ultraviolet fluorescence, ultraviolet reflected, infrared) and infrared reflectography.  This is an  apochromatic lens in the range 310-110 nm.  Indeed, the lens didn't need any refocusing while shooting technical photos in the UV, VIS and IR region. It really resulted [...]

June 2014

Infrared Photography with Nikon Micro 105mm


Just tested the great Nikon Nikkor Micro 105mm f2.8 D for infrared photography. The data are available at the Infrared Photography Lenses Database Depending on the application and the task the infrared photo should be taken, low or high aperture numbers could be necessary. For the specific needs of infrared photography for art documentation it [...]

April 2014

Infrared Pho­tog­ra­phy Lenses Database


Just published  the CHSOS Infrared Pho­tog­ra­phy Lenses Database. Anybody is welcomed to ship their lenses to be tested for infrared photography and be added to the database. Also everybody with a Nikon DSLR camera modified for Infrared is welcomed to contribute to this database by doing a similar test and providing the photos to be [...]

May 2013

Infrared Reflectography: InGaAs camera VERSUS Digital Camera


This post compares an InGaAs camera - used for Infrared Reflectography (IRR) with a Digital camera modified for Infrared photography (IR). An InGaAs camera is your choice when it comes to imaging underdrawings. Though, the advantages of the InGaAs camera, even if real,  are limited. So, we should be aware of them before we decide [...]

April 2013

Volcanic Eruptions. Infrared Photography


I took this image from my Lab, a couple of weeks ago. I live close to Mount Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe, about 3,300 m high. Etna is in an almost constant state of activity and we are kind of used to those smoke plumes. April 2013. Etna eruption seen from [...]