July 2016

17th century wooden statue in Avola, Sicily. Diagnostics


We have been collaborating with "Giampaolo Leone" Conservation Studio in Sicily. We just came back from performing non-invasive diagnostics on the Ecce Homo preserved in Avola, an outstanding 17th century wooeden statue, currently under conservation at the "Giampaolo Leone" Conservation Studio. For this case, we applied Infrared and Ultraviolet fluorescence to document retouches and inpaints as [...]

February 2016

Infrared Technical Photography for Art Examination


Just published Infrared Technical Photography for Art Examination. A. Cosentino “Infrared Technical Photography for Art Examination” e-Preservation Science, 13, 1-6, 2016. This paper discusses technical photographic methods based on the extended infrared sensitivity of a digital camera modified with the removal of the in-built hot mirror filter on the CCD or CMOS sensor, which in [...]