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stil de grain

 Stil de grain is a yellow lake made from unripe buckthorn berries.

Manufacturer / product code: Kremer 37394
Chemical description: organic dyestuff, querictrin molecule.
Color: yellow
Color Index: NY 14
More info:  Kremer PDF.
Manufacturing. Stil de Grain is a translucent yellow lake made from unripe buckthorn berries that are soaked in potash and precipitated with alum. Addition of tin, copper and iron salts  create different hues as well as different temperature (lemon yellow up to 50°C, dark orange at 100°C).
Use. Stil de grain has been used since the Middle Ages and it is still is use today. This pigment was used as a distemper (with glue), for wall painting and to coloring paper (often mixed with other pigments to obtain different hues). It has a low lightfastness (very fugitive) and the coloring agent is rhamnetin. It was common in the 18th century in France and England. It was used in oil painting by the Great Masters as well as in manuscripts.

Raman spectroscopy

XRF spectroscopy

 Reflectance spectroscopy

stil de grain reflectance spectrum

stil de grain reflectance spectrum