November 2016

Imaging Diagnostic on a 14 th Century Gilded Icon


This new paper is a valid example of the application of non‐invasive imaging methods (technical photography and multispectral imaging) before and after the conservation treatment of a work of art. Read our latest publication Pre and post Conservation Diagnostic on a 14 th Century Gilded Icon from Taormina, Sicily This paper reports on the [...]

August 2015

DOWNLOAD: Practical notes on ultraviolet technical photography for art examination


Just published “Practical notes on ultraviolet technical photography for art examination” Conservar Património 21, 53-62, 2015. DOWNLOAD THIS PAPER This paper discusses two technical photographic methods based on the use of ultraviolet sources for art examination: Ultraviolet fluorescence (UVF) and Ultraviolet Reflected (UVR). While the first imaging can be realized with any digital [...]

November 2014

Best Ultraviolet Filter


CHSOS just tested  an interferential UV/IR cut filter for Ultraviolet Fluorescence Photography (UVF). This filter is the solution to the auto fluorescence of other UV filters [1]. It is recommended for UVF close up photography. The CHSOS filter set for art examination comprises two filters for UVF photography: XNite CC1 coupled with B+W 420. The first is [...]

August 2014

New UV lamps for Ultraviolet photography


Madatec srl  is an Italian company supplying scientific imaging and analytical equipment. We have been in touch for a while since they serve the art diagnostics and conservation sector and, such as CHSOS, it has a keen attention on exploring innovative low-cost solution. My contact at Madatec is Davide Manzini, their expert on Imaging and Spectroscopy [...]

March 2013

Ultraviolet Photography: lighting


This post is all about lamps for UV photography. Studio Photography. UV Black light tubes If you work in a studio you will probably need just 2 UV fluorescent tubes. They are very cheap and you can mount them on any fixture for the normal visible light fluorescent tubes. Choose fixtures whose materials are not [...]

Postage stamps: Technical Photography


As a kid, I used to collect stamps. Cleaning up my place I just found my little collection and I thought to give it a quick Technical Photography glance. Postage stamps are a form of art, no doubt about it. I recall how much I was fascinated by those little images. Technical examination of postage [...]

February 2013

Budget UV meter for Ultraviolet photography


It's useful to measure the output of an Ultraviolet light source when shooting UV Fluorescence and UV Reflected photography. There are a number of UV meters on the market, very expensive. This post is about, as usual, a budget solution that goes for $150 on eBay.   UV meter and filters for multispectral imaging. [...]