November 2016

Imaging Diagnostic on a 14 th Century Gilded Icon


This new paper is a valid example of the application of non‐invasive imaging methods (technical photography and multispectral imaging) before and after the conservation treatment of a work of art. Read our latest publication Pre and post Conservation Diagnostic on a 14 th Century Gilded Icon from Taormina, Sicily This paper reports on the [...]

May 2016

Techniques to reveal hidden paintings: a case study


Just published "L’Annunciazione ritrovata. Nunziata di Mascali, Sicilia". A. Cosentino, Giovanni Calvagna, Giuseppe Calvagna, C. Calvagna, C. L. Dandolo, P. Uhd Jepsen “L’Annunciazione ritrovata. Nunziata di Mascali, Sicilia” Archeomatica 1, 44-48 2016. DOWNLOAD Techniques to reveal hidden paintings: X-Radiography, infrared photography and infrared reflectography The town of Nunziata di Mascali, Sicily, [...]

February 2016

Terahertz and Cultural Heritage Science: Examination of Art and Archaeology


Just published Terahertz and Cultural Heritage Science: Examination of Art and Archaeology. A. Cosentino "Terahertz and Cultural Heritage Science: Examination of Art and Archaeology" Technologies, 4, 6, 2016. Cultural Heritage scientists need methodologies to examine Art and Archaeology in order to understand artistic materials and techniques and devise better conservation procedures. This review discusses the most successful [...]

September 2015

Inspection of panel paintings beneath gilded finishes using terahertz time domain imaging


Just published: L. Koch Dandolo, A. Cosentino, P. Uhd Jepsen “Inspection of panel paintings beneath gilded finishes using terahertz time-domain imaging” Studies in Conservation, 60 (1), S159-S166, 2015. DOWNLOAD   Scientific analysis of panel paintings could provide key information to art historians and conservators about the composition and condition of the constituent layers. Knowledge of [...]

December 2014

Terahertz-ARTE Workshop


CHSOS was at THz-ARTE "Terahertz Advanced Research TEchniques for non-invasive analysis in art conservation" International Workshop in Rome December 2nd and 3rd, 2014. THz-ARTE explores the application of terahertz spectroscopy and imaging for the investigation of artworks and Cultural Heritage objects.  Corinna Dandolo from DTU (Tech­ni­cal Uni­ver­sity of Den­mark) Fotonik, presented “Contribution of Reflection Terahertz Time [...]

June 2014

We were at LACONA 2014, United Arab Emirates


We presented a THz examination of a gilded XIV c. tempera panel at LACONA 2014. The panel  belongs to the Biblioteca comunale di Taormina (Sicily) and it is currently under restoration by Angelo Cristaudo. Corinna presenting our poster at LACONA 2014, United Arab Emirates. LACONA  - conference of the Lasers in the Conservation of [...]

March 2014

Terahertz in Sicily. Wooden Statues


I invite international researchers and training students to apply technical art examination methods to field projects in Sicily that I’m already working on with other scientists and Sicilian professionals in the cultural heritage sector. Two weeks ago  I hosted Corinna Koch Dandolo, currently PhD student at the prestigious DTU (Technical University of Denmark) Fotonik - Department of Photonics Engineering. I already [...]

Terahertz Imaging in Sicily. Newly Discovered Frescoes


I do my best to have international scientists working on Sicilian Art; last week I hosted Corinna Koch Dandolo, currently PhD student at the prestigious DTU (Technical University of Denmark) Fotonik - Department of Photonics Engineering. Her research focuses on developing applications for cultural heritage examination for the advanced 3D THz (Terahertz) imaging technique. I posted here a video about the [...]

December 2012

Terahertz and Art Examination


I have worked on Terahertz for Art Examination between 2008-2011, and Terahertz was the main topic of my fellowship in Conservation Science at the Metropolitan Museum, New York. Terahertz finds application for Art Examination and Conservation. I was looking through my material on this topic and I found a nice educational video I made two [...]