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April 2014

Training an Art Diagnostics start-up company


I just gave a training course on Multispectral Imaging and Technical photographic methods to an Art Diagnostics start-up company in Andria, Italy: Terrarossa Studio. The start-up is composed of 3 young cultural heritage scientists, Grazia Ruggiero, Floriana Salvemini and Cristina Caggiani. Floriana and Cristina just got their PhD on analytical methods for art diagnostics in Florence [...]

February 2014

Training a young conservation scientist


Silvia Amato is a young conservation scientist. She has been a follower of the “Cultural Heritage Science Open Source” blog and she decided to take the training in multispectral imaging. My goal is to deliver to the professionals I am working with a program that is shaped specifically on their educational background and their goals. This is [...]

January 2014

Istanbul conservator training in Sicily


Muge Uckan took my training on multispectral imaging for art examination in November. She was trained as a painting conservator in Istanbul, the town she currently lives, and in Florence. She’s exploring possibilities to introduce the multispectral imaging  service in Turkey. As usual, I like to have the training students involved in the art examination [...]

October 2013

Training in Ecuador


In September I was invited to give a 3 weeks training on Multispectral Imaging to the Instituto Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural in Quito, Ecuador. Once arrived I helped set up the space to be used as the imaging lab and I worked on putting together and testing the equipment. For the logistics, purchasing and importing of [...]

September 2013

Modica, Sicily


Modica, Sicily, is probably as much famous for its Sicilian baroque architecture – being UNESCO site -  as for its chocolate, produced with an ancient and original Aztec recipe introduced during the Spanish domination in the 16th century. Church of San Pietro, Modica, Sicily. Samantha Stout and our equipment. The left chapel in [...]

Sicilian Stucco


Contributed by Samantha Stout Antonino Cosentino has been a valuable reference for my Ph.D. research, which I am completing within the Center of Interdisciplinary Science in Art, Architecture, and Archaeology (CISA3) at the University of California, San Diego.   My base for field research is in Florence, Italy and it was easy to make the [...]

August 2013

Syracuse, Catacombs


Saman­tha Stout is cur­rently a Ph.D. stu­dent at the Uni­ver­sity of Cal­i­for­nia, San Diego. She is under­taking part of her PhD research in Sicily, and I’m helping out so she may have access to various Sicilian Cultural Heritage sites. I like to volunteer a bit of my time to have scholars come to Sicily and do scientific [...]



Samantha Stout is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of California, San Diego. She is in the Materials Science and Engineering program and conducts research on scientific methods for cultural heritage analysis, both in San Diego, and Florence, Italy.  Lately, she has been a contributor to this blog and I have been discussing with her [...]